Reference: Vanessa Milner - Kukabara

Agentura Tutuki na Milneru pracovala

Tedy přesněji řečeno, Pavla Gultová, zakladatelka firmy Tutuki s.r.o., pracovala pro výjimečnou Vanessu Milner v Londýně skoro dva roky. Na jazykové škole Milner School of English se věnovala marketingu, a tak poznala prostředí jazykového vzdělání i z druhé strany, tedy z pozice samotné školy.

Vanessa Milner, ředitelka školy Milner School of English, o Tutuki napsala:

„As Managing Director of Milner School of English Wimbledon, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pavla for many years. We first met in London in 2003 when Pavla was representing our Australian and British schools as an agent. I was impressed by her commitment and knowledge about education and travel.

In addition to this, I always found Pavla to be a hard working person with integrity, so a few years later, we offered her a job at our school in Wimbledon as Marketing Director. During this period Pavla successfully promoted our British school and in 2006 visited our Australian school, Milner College in Perth, to learn more about Australia and the courses we offer.

Having worked as an agent and in a language school, Pavla has a broad insight into the education industry in Australia and the UK.

Pavla and her team share so much experience that I cannot imagine a better equipped team to run Tutuki (former Kukabara)! We are delighted to be working with Tutuki and we wish Pavla and the team every success with their business.“